Appetizers Galore! (Cork Bar – Downtown LA) – Now Closed :(

Hello Friends!!
Sorry it has been such a long time since my last post. I’ve been really busy with things going on in my personal life.
I had to stay at a hotel (with my puppies) for almost 2 weeks while a contractor put in new flooring in my unit. After all that trouble, they ended up installing the wood flooring incorrectly and may need to re-do my whole place. (so depressing)
Anyways lets go on to the food. 🙂


I went to this little wine bar in downtown on 12th and Grand Ave. I really only found this place because I was in need of a wine night. 🙂
They have a great wide selection of wines that you can order by the glass or the bottle.


I am a huge fan of Ceviche which means I’ve tried it at many places and I have a huge opinion about it. When I ordered the Ceviche I was already thinking, it probably won’t be great since this is a wine bar. I was bascially already expecting it to be bad (or mushy). But when it came out and I tried it, it was very crisp and fresh. I was very surprised and happy. 🙂 You can taste the lemon and the seafood is not overpowering, it has the right amount of balance between the citrus flavor and the seafood.


This is their Marinated Olives and Spiced Nuts. This is just a good snack to pick on while you drink your wine. I was accompanied by my dad when I went to this place and we have the same taste buds…We don’t need a heavy dinner we are good with a few appetizers and a nice glass of wine.
The olives for the most part were not too salty, I would just eat them in small bites so it isn’t overwhelming. I’m not a huge peanut fan so I only had a few of the nuts but they have a slight spicy cajun flavor if that is your forte.


Another thing I like about corkbar is that they offer a limited variety of cured meats. (I love cured meat!) So I just sampled a couple that I had not yet tried.
Pictured above is the Duck Salami (aka – Fabrique Delices). This was sliced like sausages in thicker pieces. I cut them into smaller pieces so I can fully enjoy each bite. This Duck Salami has a slightly sweet flavor and is a little tougher than Genoa Salami. However, it has larger pieces of fat so it helps with the toughness. They serve the cured meats on a platter with pickles and french bread with honey and jam on the side.


I LOVE PROSCUITTO!! 🙂 I had to try it here. Although I’ve tried it everywhere else, I had to get it at this place just because they had it. The first time I ever had proscuitto was in Italy on a Pizza…and I’ve been in love ever since. 🙂
I really liked this proscuitto because it was not salty or chewy. I ate this on top of the french bread that was lathered in honey and jam. (delicious) That is really how you should eat it, it is salty, sweet, and crunchy.


Next came the Root Beer Braised Short Rib served over cheesy polenta cakes.
This meat is very very tender. You can tear the meat into pieces with your fork very easily. When you put it into your mouth the meat just melts. I must say that the flavoring itself was good but a little bit on the salty side. I like salty foods so It was okay for me but if you are sensitive to sodium, I would have a glass of water next to me just in case. 🙂


This is their Hanger Steak Salad. There was nothing special to this. The meat was nicely cooked (a little bit on the rare end) but it is something that you could make at home easily. I would look at other things on their menu if you wanted meat.
I don’t have a picture of the pork tacos but I did try them and they were VERY juicy and delicious. I suggest you order those instead.
Overall I had a great dining experience at Cork Bar and would definitely like to go again in the near future. Make sure you sit next to the entrance of the kitchen so the waitresses have no choice but to pass you everytime they enter the kitchen. Try to catch their happy hour for their great wine prices!
Have a great week! XOXO