Best Korean beef BBQ in K-town (Park’s BBQ)

Hello Friends!
I wanted to share with you my experience as Park’s BBQ in Koreatown. It is located on Vermont and Olympic Blvd (Northwest side). They have Valet parking available so don’t worry about finding a parking space in the tiny parking lot.

I’ve been going to this place for a couple years now and they have always in my opinion had one of the best Korean BBQ beef ribs. We didn’t order much this time because we were so tired from a full day of golfing but here are a couple items that are a MUST when you go to this place.

This is their Yuk-hwe which is basically a beef tartare. They marinate the meat with some soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, pine nuts, pear, and other seasonings. Every restaurant prepares this dish differently but at Park’s BBQ they serve it with thin slices of chilled cucumber. I used the cucumber as a wrap for the meat and it was delicious! The meat is actually very fresh tasting and sweet. The contrast in taste between the meat, cucumber and the sweet pear makes every bite a great balance of yumminess. 🙂


I HAD to take a picture of this because it is seriously one of my most favorite side dishes when I go to Korean restaurants. This is Gaejang which is spicy marinated raw blue crab. Now it’s not a good idea to go to a restaurant and just order your crab raw. They usually use fresh live blue crabs to make this dish. It is really spicy and the meat inside the shell is fairly sweet. I can eat just this and rice and be perfectly happy. 🙂


Now before moving on to the real food, I wanted to take this overview picture so you can see just how many side dishes come out when you order your meat. This is only 3/4 of the table shown in this picture. They have side dishes including; potato salad, kimchi, steamed broccoli, japchae (noodles w/ vegetables), cucumber/shrimp, and many more.


Mmmmmm…. 🙂 You always want to order their seasoned Galbi. The marinade is always on point and not too salty. We ordered 4 ribs for 5 people and it was more than enough. Remember this is not an All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place so the meat is higher quality AND more expensive. They also cook everything for you.


This is what it looks like when they bring it out to you. (This picture was taken after they had already put two onto the grill)


Now this little gem is amazing. You can order this by asking for the “Special Bean Paste and Ssam”. This is called dwenjang which is a bean paste. But this isn’t just any normal dwenjang that you can find at the korean market. This is homemade and they add meat and seafood into this. This is used as a sauce and you can eat it with your meat and rice.


The bean paste also comes with Ssam. Ssam is what they call vegetables that you can use as a wrap for things like meat. They bring out this plate with steamed and raw cabbage, veggie sticks and some red leaf lettuce. See below on how to eat this as a wrap.


This is just how I eat it but everyone has different taste and likes different things in their wrap. I used the steamed cabbage and put some lettuce on top. I then put a small spoonful of rice and topped it with the special dwenjang sauce. I put the best part (meat) on top and added some spicy vegetables from the side dishes that were brought out at the beginning of the meal. You wrap it up as small as you can and eat it up!
If you’re with a small group of people that don’t mind spending a little more for better quality (compared to AYCE Korean BBQ) this is definitely the place to go.
I really hope you found this post helpful and make sure you come back to visit again soon!
XOXO – Christine