Can I get some Beef Jerky with that cocktail? (Rivera – Downtown LA)

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Who would have ever thought.. beef jerky in a cocktail!! It’s pretty amazing actually. Okay so here is a little background…A couple of my friends came to this place called Rivera in Downtown LA and they told me (althought pricey) it’s a great experience and they have interesting presention and drinks. The words experience, interesting, and drinks really caught my attention. So I went ahead and made a reservation to go there. Lets get to it!
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This is their famous Barbacoa drink. Includes “Mezcal, Chipotle, Ginger, Lime, BEEF JERKY”. They garnish this drink with lime and bell peppers as well. Let me just tell you. I LOVE beef jersey so whoever thought of this..THANK YOU! The drink itself is not back, definitely something different. You can really taste the different flavors and bell peppers too. I like to take a sip and then rip off a piece of jerky to chase it with. 🙂 Delicious.

This is called their Blood Sugar Sex Magic with “Rye, Basil, Lemon, Red Pepper” garnished with bell pepper and lettuce. This drink is a little spicier…I wasn’t a huge fan of this drink because of this. But if you are into spicy cocktails, this is definitely something you want to dive into.
Now onto the food.. (yay!) This is their Tortillas Florales which is their “housemade nixtamal tortillas” They serve this with a side of something they call “India Butter”. But to me it tastes like very light guacamole. (Sorry it got a little cut off in the picture) The tortillas taste like regular tortillas it’s just the presentation that makes it interesting. This is good to get if you got a meat dish that you can wrap inside of this tortilla. Otherwise, you will be just eating the tortilla by itself with the light guac.
This is called Peruvian Quechua…”Sweetbreads, Huacatay from the Incan world” as they describe in their menu. So this was ordered without knowing what it really is. And I am still not really sure. All I know is that it is some type of a gland from a cow. BUT I can tell you, it tastes like very clean, deep fried beef intestine. (gopchang as Koreans call it) If you are not a fan, you will not like this dish.
They call this Caracoles which is “Snails, Inerico Ham, and Herbs”. Have any of you tried escargot? Yea, well this is nothing like that. Escargot has a very creamy buttery taste. This is much more fishy BUT flavorful. (choose your battles carefully). I couldn’t finish this dish because the aroma was a bit too much for me especially with this being an appetizer. However, after looking around restaurant, I noticed a lot of other customers had ordered this dish and they finished every last drop.
(ordered from the Dine LA menu) 
YUMMM!! This is by far my favorite. The Brazilian Feijoada…”Fire grilled lamb chop, Brazilian bean and chorizo stew, Malbec reduction”
This Lamb was cooked to perfection. I usually eat smaller cuts but I was able to finish this one which means it was really good. If you like Lamb, I would definitely try this. If you are new to eating Lamb, I would wait only because the Lamb taste could be a little overwhelming.
Beet Salad! Listed on their menu as Ensalada Semana Santa…”Sevilla-style salad of beets/oranges/garbanzos/moorish spices”.
Beware, the appetizer portions are small. The flavor and sauce they use on this plate is absolutely amazing. It is sweet because of the oranges, a little nutty from the garbanzo and almost creamy from the beets. I can eat this everyday.
Perfectly cooked and seasoned scallops. Scallops Arabesque “Sea scallops / eggplant / preserved lemon / ras el hanout”
I’m not a cooked scallop fan. I like raw scallops better. But these looked too good to pass up. So I ordered this off of the Dine LA menu so the portion is a little smaller. However, the flavor is huge. The scallop itself is cooked so the center is still soft and it melts in your mouth. The outside of the scallop has a light saltiness to it so once you bite into it, you can the saltiness from the outside the sweet melting meat through the inside. Yumm. 🙂
I mean…look at that presentation! It’s so fun. This is the Gitano…”Rib-eye, pimenton, jerez vinegar, patatas bravas”..what?
All I understood was Rib-eye. We asked for this steak to be cooked Medium but it came out a little more on the Medium well side. This doesn’t usually happen because I know someone that has gone there and gotten something cooked perfectly when asked for Medium. The more pink the meat is on the inside, the better. This dish is great along with the presentation but it’s more like your classic steak and fries.
This was also ordered off of their Dine LA menu. This is the Diego Rivera Seabass. I love how they glaze the skin of this fish so it is extra crispy. The portion was so small it was a perfect snack. 🙂 The plate is huge but the food was small. I’m sure if you order this from the main menu it is a lot bigger but I cannot gaurantee. Just like the scallops, the outside of this Seabass is a little salty but the crunchiness is the best part.
Now onto the desserts!! Gotta love me some chocolate cake. Xochimilco…”Ancho Chile chocolate cake, avocado mousse, lime pepper sauce”. Sweet but a little too much chocolate for me. The inside is filled with some chocolate fudge so it’s very very juicy. Chocolate lovers this is a must!
Now this is the dessert I was all about. This is Baba Cachaca…”Individual sponge cake soaked in Brazilian rum syrup, dulce de leche, fresh citricos”
You can definitely make out the aroma of the Rum on this one. But the sweetness of the syrup and caramel make it bearable. The garnish of grapefruit and oranges don’t compliment the taste of the dessert but it’s fun to just eat separately.
Here is a link to their complete menu:
You will realize they have several different menus. They have three different sections in their restaurant and each section has their own special menu. The above meals are combined from all three rooms (which is why it is so much food).
Overall, this really was a great experience AND the ambiance is very intimate although it gets pretty loud during happy hour.
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