Gots to Love Me Some Intestines… :) (Byul Gopchang – Koreatown)

Something you must know about me is that I am a very adventurous eater. (I’m sure i’ve mentioned this before) But what you’re about to see is somewhat normal in Korean culture. 🙂 It is beef intestine. And there is a place in K-town that specializes in this and I must say it is something I cannot live without. I need to have this at least once every 2 months or else my cravings just turn me into a nasty person. (Food has a very strong influence in my life)
Okay so I guess i’ll start off with my two favorite side dishes… They serve a few more but i really wanted to emphasize on my favorites. 🙂
P.S: The lighting in the restaurant wasn’t great so I apologize in advance for the pictures.
This is a spicy dried squid dish. When I came here with my mom one time she asked them what makes this taste so different. My mother is an amazing cook and can cook just about any korean food just by taste. But when she tried a little bit of this little dish, she was able to notice that there was a unique taste in this that she didn’t recognize. So after asking the waitress they mentioned that they add mayonnaise in this seasoning. We were both surprised but it tastes amazing. It has a very very light spicy taste to it but mostly it is sweet. Even if you are unable to eat spicy foods you should be okay with this one. 🙂 Good luck!
YUMMMMMM!!! This is and has always been one of my favorites! This is beef tripe that is seasoned with salt and sesame oil along with some black pepper and veggies. My mom used to make a huge plate of this when I was little and I used to eat this as a meal while my dad picked at it while chasing it down with some beer. (Sounds so refreshing right about now) I have always liked tripe because I like the crunchiness to the meat. If you aren’t an adventurous eater and get freaked out by freaky textures of food, I don’t recommend eating this. The meat has a rough texture and is a little crunchy when you chew. It does not have the same consistency as any other meat.
Just to give you a birds-eye view of what you get when you order the byul combo (Star Combo)
Top: Small Intestine
Bottom left: Large Intestine
Bottom right: Last Intestine
You also get 1 free bottle of your drink of choice between soju or beer.
Also as a heads up, the outer parts of the intestines all are tough and chewy. 🙂
This is the Small intestine. Most people who like intestine, and have experience eating this, like it better than the other parts. This part of the intestine has more flavor. When you chew it, there is almost a grainy texture to the center. (Don’t worry it is normal) While it is cooking you will notice that the meat will start to swell and sometimes it pops so make sure you keep an eye on it. 🙂
The Large intestines taste nothing like the small intestines. The Large intestines have a very fatty filling. (Which I am told is good for your skin due to lots of collagen) Because the waitresses cook everything for you, they will give you an option if you want to have them round or flat. While it is being cooked it is still round but they can cut it to open it up. When you open it up, It releases some of the fatty meat but honestly, it’s the best part. If it is your first time, keep it round. That way you can experience it for what it is.
The Last intestine is just flat so there is nothing inside of it. (don’t worry) Out of all three, this has the toughest skin. If it is cooked really well done, be prepared to work out your jaw bones. 🙂
Because there is nothing inside of this, there is less flavor.
 Here are some pictures of how it looks before and after it is cooked:
They first cut up all the pieces and they also mix it with a marinade which is amazing. The marinade is sweet and you can taste garlic in there.
Almost done…
You want the colors of the meat to be fairly brown. This is one of those types of meats that you want to make sure you cook all the way. Regardless, the waitresses cook everything for you and also tell you when it is safe to eat.
Towards the end of your meal they offer you the choice of soup or kimchi fried rice for free. I always like to get the Kimchi fried rice but i’m sure both are delicious.
I hope this didn’t freak you out!! There are many more interesting food posts to come. 🙂
I highly suggest making reservations if you want to go during rush hour.
Here is their address:
3819 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 739-0321