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About Christine Yu


Thank you for visiting The MenYu! Ever since I was about 3 yrs old, I have always been an adventurous eater. I would always follow my dad around and no matter what, I always wanted to try what he was eating. I remember the first time I ever had what I would consider an "extreme" dish to some people. It was live shrimp. I remember sitting at the sushi bar with my dad, watching the sushi chef prepare the shrimp with his hands. He first grabbed the shrimp out of the tank, then he washed it in the sink, took off the head(sorry), peeled the shrimp, then placed it on our plates, all in about 2 minutes max. When I picked up the shrimp, it was still moving! But rather than being afraid and refusing to eat it, I wanted to try it and i'm so glad I did! That was when my family and I quickly realized that I didn't have such a normal taste palette.

If you are an ultimate foodie and just love to try new things you have come to the right place. Here you will find some fun recipes I would love to share with you all, and some tips on some restaurants I have visited.

I hope you enjoy! And remember to never be afraid of what you eat.
Trust me. It'll be worth it! Enjoy!